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Indormation About Uterus

A women’s uterus is the size of a clenched fist but can grow as big as a soccer ball or larger during pregnancy. In addition to pregnancy, there are many other reasons why a woman’s uterus may become enlarged.


An enlarged uterus can be the result of a medical condition that not only causes it to grow but also to bleed and become painful. A condition that results in an enlarged uterus may require treatment.

Causes and risk factors

A woman can be unaware that she has an enlarged uterus. Most often, women discover they have a problem during a pelvic exam.

It is possible a woman may notice a bloated belly or that clothes seem too tight, but for most, a diagnosis of an enlarged uterus is unexpected.

There are multiple reasons why the uterus may become enlarged. An enlarged uterus may be more common in menopausal women, but women in their childbearing years can develop this condition too.

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